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Softwash roof cleaning offers a very thorough, deep clean. It won’t damage or dislodge roof tiles, or degrade even delicate stonework. It’s safe and effective.

Softwashing roof cleaning services, an alternative to pressure washing.

Roofs can become very unsightly due to organic growths like moss and lichen, an dhtis is when roof cleaning servies are required. Roofs are also frequently discoloured and stained by a prevalent bacteria called geocapsa magma. Roofing associations and manufacturers do not recommend high pressure cleaning to clean roofs, and 1 Pure and Simple cleaning services are proud to offer roof cleaning services that are an alternative to pressure washing.

High pressure cleaning may remove moss from the roof, but the aggressive jets of water may remove and damage tiles and other roof fittings, risk flooding a loft, and there is a good chance that the moss will grow back. Cleaning with the manufacturer recommended detergent is suggested. This is what we do at 1 Pure and Simple cleaning services. Softwash roof cleaning is by far the most effective way to clear moss or other infectants from the roof, whenever they are at risk of becoming a major problem.

Roof Cleaning services for Chelmsford & Brentwood, Essex

We will remove the excess mossy growth and lichen using special extendable trowels and hoes, and water fed poles. All our staff are trained, qualified, and insured, to work at height. Having removed up to 90% of the visible growth first we will then apply our softwash detergent blends to kill of the lingering spores and bacteria. We eliminate gloecapsa magma completely.

Our blends of disinfectants will purge the roof of organic colonising growths by seeping into the moss root system and killing the spores, leaving the roof not only clean, but you’ll notice the improvements as time passes, with the biocide we use it can last up to 5 years before moss will start forming again. We will also clean guttering and and shine your fascias while cleaning the roof.

1 Pure and Simple Cleaning Services will clean, rescue, and restore your roof, with no chance of damage- and the results will last for months and years to come.

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