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1 Pure and Simple are based in Chelmsford, Essex and are highly experienced in repairing and restoring Tarmac driveways and paths back close to their original appearance.

Tarmac, which is an abbreviation of tarmacadam (and is also known as asphalt) is a deep black colour when laid because there are resins present in the surface. However, the resins dry out over time, caused by weathering, UV light from the sun and vehicle traffic on the surface.

Is your Tarmac drive showing signs of needing refurbishment? Common signs are:

  • The surface has gone progressively greyer over the years and is now a lighter grey colour
  • Small pieces of “grit” are breaking away from the surface in a process known as “fretting.” You usually find yourself carrying these into the house on the bottom of your shoes.
  • The surface is cracking in places

If your driveway suffers from any of the above, then it’s a sure sign that it would benefit from a coat of Tarmaseal™.

Tarmaseal is superior to many of the tarmac paints that are currently on the market because it soaks into the surface, replacing those resins lost in the natural processes described above. A paint sits on the surface where it will peel off in due course.

We take care of repairs as well: if there are cracks in the surface we can fill these with a Crack Repair Compound and larger holes with Cold Lay Repair.

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